Welcome to St. Jude Catholic Church

Nurturing our Catholic faith and building community in the heart of Sapphire, North Carolina.



5:30 pm (only from Memorial Day Weekend through October)


9:00 am


7:00 pm (Spanish)


9:30 am (Adoration starting at 8:30 am)


9:30 am (Vatican II Mass in Latin)


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered 15 minutes before daily masses and 30 minutes before Sunday Mass. Additionally, you may click below to schedule an appointment.

Other Devotionals



8:30 am – 9:30 am

Morning Prayer/Lauds

Wednesday and Friday

9:15 am



5:10 pm (during the season)


8:40 am

“God can no more withhold His grace from a soul prepared to receive it than the sun can fail to shine through an open window”

Stay Connected

At St. Jude, we are committed to cultivating meaningful connections with both our cherished parishioners and valued visitors. We firmly believe that these connections not only enrich individual faith journeys but also contribute significantly to the collective growth and life of our parish community.

Our invitation is extended to all—parishioners and visitors alike—to actively remain connected with the life of the parish.

Our website serves as a digital gateway to the heart of our parish, designed to keep you informed, inspired, and involved.

Seasonal Visitors

Are you one of our many seasonal visitors? You can remain connected to St. Jude even when you return home by registering with us as a visitor. Registration ensures that you will receive our latest news and allows you to stay connected even from afar.

Give Resources

St. Jude is grateful for all the generous contributions made by parishioners and visitors in the past. We encourage you to think about leaving behind your legacy and help further St. Jude’s mission in Sapphire, NC.

Give Time

Are you interested in giving of your time? St. Jude encourages parishioners to consider getting involved with a number of ministries inside and outside the parish.